8 Best Plugins for WordPress Blogs in 2021

Are you looking for the best plugins for WordPress blogs? Blogging was first started in 1994 and now is one of the hottest topics in the world. As in 2021, many things have changed and so do the methods of blogging. Now you don’t need to stick around codes but use plugins to create a blogging site in WordPress.

As you may know, WordPress has become the nest of thousands of useful plugins. Some of them are free and some of them are premium. But, to choose the right one for your blog, you have to know about the best of them. As a starter, you may find it overwhelming. That’s why we are here to share our knowledge with you that we have been gathering since our 7 years of blogging experience.

This article will tell you about lots of premium and free plugins to strengthen your blogging site. The names mentioned here are popular for their performance and aptitude. So, you can rely on both public opinion and in us.

So, let’s get started!

Things to Consider While Choosing the Best WordPress Plugins

There are a few things to consider before declaring a plugin as the best plugin. Before you choose, let’s see if the plugins fill these criteria below-

Regular Updates Enabled: The most crucial thing about a plugin is the updates. An ideal plugin needs to cope with the changing technology and must have scheduled updates regularly.

What People Say: You need to look for the people who used the plugin and said a couple of lines about it. Naturally, positive reviews from 9/10 people will have a huge boost on the sale of that plugin. It also acts as a guarantee or assurance of usage.

Search Engine Optimized: To rank your blogging site higher, you must improve your blog structure to support SEO. For that, the plugin you choose must have Schema or JSON-LD structured data. It will lead you one step ahead from others.

Clean Codes: Look at the code structures of the plugins to ensure that they won’t bother with your site speed or bring any harm to site performance. That’s another fact for choosing the best plugins.

With a fixed standard in hand, let’s get introduced to the best plugins for WordPress blogs in 2021.

Best Plugins for WordPress Blogs in 2021

Try the below listed plugins on your site and get the amazing experience on your blog. You will get premium features and good result with these plugins. All the below listed plugins are compatible with your free and premium themes.

RankMath SEO

Rank Math SEO Best Plugins for WordPress Blogs

SEO is considered the most important factor for a blogging site. A blog is meant to be ruined in the long run if it fails in SEO. As it is the only way to successfully stay on googles’ ranking, SEO has become the most spelt topic in 2021.

What if I say that SEO is nothing but an easy matter to resolve? Well, that would be true if it is with the RankMath SEO plugin for WordPress.

RankMath is the most dynamic and user-friendly SEO tool available for WordPress. It has a rich set of algorithm that shapes your blog into the perfect SEO structure. It’s easy to use and has a lot of features to improve both you and your blog.


  • Search Console
  • Schema (Structured Data)
  • Local SEO & Graphs
  • Sitemap
  • Content SEO
  • Image SEO
  • 15+ Modules

Moreover, RankMath provides an in-app training program for beginners to advanced SEO. So, even if you have zero knowledge in this field, you can grow up to a pro using the RankMath SEO plugin.


MonsterInsights – Google Analytics Dashboard for WordPress

MonsterInsight provides the best google analytics services for WordPress based websites. It is not just our opinion but the voice of the millions of users attached to this platform.

Webpage analytics helps the admin to monitor the overall site activities. Statistics like total number of visitors, average sessions, number of clicks, CTR, bounce rate, etc. are vital information that needs to be analyzed to improve a blogging site.

MonsterInsight enables you to track all these data with an advanced control center within your dashboard. So, you can make site improvement choices easily.


  • Universal Tracking
  • Google Analytic Dashboard
  • Real Time Statistics & Graphs
  • Ecommerce Tracker
  • Affiliate Links & Ad Tracker
  • GDPR Friendly
  • SEO Ranking & Optimization

It doesn’t need much to start with MonsterInsight on your blog. The pricing is fairly low considering all the benefits it carries. You can take it as a necessary and one of the best plugins for WordPress blog.

Ultimate Post Kit

Ultimate Post Kit – Addons For Elementor

The Ultimate Post Kit plugin is a blogging tool for WordPress & Elementor. Unlike any other plugins for Elementor, this one solely focused on enhancing the user experience by changing your blog page into something more fun to see.

Ultimate Post Kit is kind of a new face in the WordPress community. You can design awesome blog pages, sections, hero pages, introductory pages, and more, using the widgets provided by this plugin. Each widget is unique and made for faster information delivery.

It has everything you need to make the best blogging site in 2021. Let’s have a look-


  • Addon Pack for Bloggers
  • 8 Carousel Blogging Widgets
  • 8 Grid Blogging Widgets
  • 20+ Features Enabled
  • Tailor-made CSS, JS, & PHP
  • Drag & Drop Based on WordPress 5.7
  • SEO, Multilingual, RTL ready

Blogging never been so easy, not until you have the Ultimate Post Kit addon at your disposal. Make creative blog interfaces instantly using the best plugins for WordPress. BTW, UPK is free. Grab it and use it without any cost.


Sucuri Security

Damn!! MY site has been HACKED!!

Often these words come out when you see your precious blog site getting done by hacking or spamming. As a blogging site is an open book for people to access, it happens from time to time.

Well, not anymore! Sucuri provides the best site security against hacking, spamming, DDoS attacks and protects your data from outsiders. It creates a protective barrier that is several times stronger than Microsoft Firewall, around your website, and filters out any riskful attempt.


  • WAF Protection
  • Live Threat Monitoring
  • Superfast Protective Measures
  • Unlimited Malware Removal
  • Optimized CDN
  • Page Booster
  • Non-Overlapping SSL Support

Blogging is bread & butter for the majority of bloggers. Such an important source of income should be kept protected with the best security applications available. That’s why we suggest you, stick with Sucuri and make your site secured for a longer period of time.


UpdraftPlus WordPress Backup Plugin

UpdraftPlus can be called the second firewall or protective layer of your website. It is proven that there is not a single plugin as popular as this regarding site security measures.

What it does is, creates backups of your website and restores it as necessary. What is so special about that?

Well, UpdraftPlus works slightly different than others. It detects attack symptoms on your website and takes preventive measures within seconds. You can link it to several cloud storage platforms and even forget that you needed backups. Yes, it creates backups automatically. So, even if you are not connected to the internet, your site is safe.


  • Complete Backups of Your Website
  • Manual & Scheduled Operation Modes
  • Multiple Cloud Backup Storage
  • Incremental Backups
  • WP & Non-WP Files
  • Live Site Monitoring & Mobile Feedback
  • 100% Site Restoration

Imagine, you have an affiliate blogging site that involves frequent multi-digit transactions. You got to protect your site from hacking & attacks even if you have to sacrifice a good night sleep. But, you don’t sacrifice your sleep cause you have UpdraftPlus to prevent your site get shredded down by hackers. Enjoy more, worry less.

Social Share

Social Share by Elementor Pro

The main goal of a blog is to reach people. The more people are reading your blog, the more you benefit. That’s why sharing your blogs on social media is a very important step on this matter.

The Social Share widget is proven to be the best sharing plugins for WordPress. Yes, it is a widget and is a part of the Element Pack addon. It is a dynamic tool where you can add up to 31 social platforms simultaneously. BTW, it is expanding.


  • 30+ Social Media Platforms
  • Elementor Based Addon
  • Fully Customizable
  • Lots of Styles & Presets
  • A Part of Element Pack Addon
  • Custom CSS/JS Support
  • Ease of Access

Get the Social Share widget and connect with a wide community of people easily from one place. Also, it comes with a package that would cost only a handful of bucks but has 190+ more widgets and over 2000 templates to use. Seems worthy? To us, Yes.

Crisp Chat

Crisp Live Chat

Blogging involves a lot of lip services. Often you have to have sessions with a visitor of any affiliation for the betterment of your blog site. Crisp Chat takes it to the next level by connecting you with people in one click!

The best thing about Crisp Chat is this, you can enjoy the Worlds’ fastest Live-Chat messaging system within your website. Crisp has a built-in app interface that looks pretty similar to famous social platforms like Facebook Messenger or Whatsapp. But most importantly-


  • Live-Chat & In-app interface
  • Shared Messaging Platform
  • Message Tags & Markings Feature
  • Automated Replies & Inquiries
  • Business Campaign Enabled
  • In-app Training Modules
  • Multiple Platforms/Devices Support

Crisp transmits messages instantly without any second delay. You can set a ton of different notification set up so that you don’t miss out on any message. Connect with people anywhere & anytime using Crisp Chat. (it’s a Freemium app)

WP Forms

WP Forms Plugin

When it comes to your blog websites’ email management, you can’t but choose WP Forms as your new web partner in WordPress. This platform contributes a lot in managing a website, be it collecting emails or having surveys, its performance is overwhelming.

WP Forms is a professional mail manager supporting multi-platform websites. You can in fact create contact forms, planned newsletters (manual & automated), register users or create mail lists with just one plugin. As your blog gets frequent subscribers lately, managing a large number of people effectively is a task of WP Forms.


  • Drag-drop Form Builder Interface
  • Unlimited Templates
  • Fully Responsive
  • Smart Logical Automation
  • Email Management Dashboard
  • High Speed Notification
  • Anti-spam Shield
  • Integrated Marketing Tools

WP Forms offers a lot of features to its consumers. You can enjoy a seamless mailing environment as well as avoid a ton of manual labor. Again, WP Forms offers client management services if you sign up for the Pro & Elite packages. Kiss goodbye to your mailing worries now!


With all that said above, we conclude this article here. Widgets that we are talked about here are based on the opinion of general people, developers of the WordPress community, & our searches or findings.

It would have been best if we could introduce similar plugins that are also on par with the ones mentioned. If we talk about this issue all day, probably we will lose more hair than Dwayne Johnson has.

Anyway, we tried our best to keep the list short enough for you to digest it properly. At the end of the day, you are the king of your own kingdom. Keep in mind our experts’ advice and pick whatever suits you best. The rest is in your hand.

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Thanks for reading this. Stay well.

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