How to Find a Translation Ready WordPress Theme

There are over 6800 languages spoken all around the world. While developing your WordPress website, you may be worried about how to find a translation ready theme for your website because you may going to develop your website in your local language.

While targeting local visitor, it would be great if you develop your website in your local language. If you choose translation ready theme, you can easily develop your website in your own language.

There are millions of WordPress theme available with translation ready codes. If your theme is translation ready, you can use the variety of method to make your site in your own language.

Find Translation Ready WordPress Theme

Some of the theme available on the web may not translation ready. So before choosing the theme, you just need to know either that theme is translation ready or not. If you are using old WordPress theme, it may not translation ready. But if you are going to purchase or download a new theme, check the theme is translation ready or not.

Beside this, there are various marketplace and shops where you can get translation ready theme.

Translation Ready WordPress Theme

How to Translate WordPress Theme

If the theme you are using is translation ready but it is only available in the English language, you can translate your theme easily via different methods. Here are the possible method to translate WordPress themes,

Translate From WordPress.Org

The theme you are using from WordPress.Org, you can easily translate via translate WordPress theme section. If your language is not available on the list, you need to follow the below steps.

Translate WordPress From WordPress

Translate Via .pot .po and .mo files

WordPress use gettext for translations, localization and internationalization. In gettext the programmers use gettext calls for every translatable area of the program. There are various functions use to make the string translation ready. Some of them are, `__, _e, esc_html_e` etc. Example of translation ready string is, `_e(‘String Text’,’text-domain’)` These calls are then collected in a POT file. So basically a POT file is a template of translatable strings in a program.

Using the POT file translation, translators then generate a .po (Portable Object) file for their language. The name of the file refers to the language it is for. For example, a French translation file would be named fr_FR.po.

First, download and install Poedit. For more details about how to use Poedit, you can visit the official site of Theme Developer Handbook of WordPress.

Translate Via Plugins

There are several plugins available to translate your theme. Some of the popular plugin available for translation your theme is as follow,

  • WPML – The WordPress Multilingual Plugin
  • Polylang – Free Multilingual Plugin
  • WP Multilang – Freee Plugins

Moreover, there are various plugins available in WordPress.

At Last, 

Hope this above article helps you to translate your WordPress theme easily. If you have any confusion regarding the translation, feel free to comment us below in the comment section.

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