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Modula WordPress Gallery Plugin – Responsive WordPress Plugin for Incredible Gallery

Plugins, one of the essential for any WordPress website. WordPress Plugins are responsible for adding and extending a great functionality to WordPress. There are lots of plugins developed for various purposes. You can get all of those from the official plugin repository. It has more than 54,000 plugins. On this list, you can see different WordPress gallery plugin which may confuse you to choose the right one.

Whenever it comes to are, keep in mind that image is everything. Photographs are not only pictures, but it is also an art of reflecting emotions and connectivity with a moment. So it should be presented in a beautiful manner. Whenever it comes to the gallery you should be choosy. You should choose a gallery plugin which is powerful, better-looking and limitless. Your image gallery will be better received if the collection is nicely put together.

As you know that the gallery is an eye-catching factor for any website. If it is not customized well, your website will reflect bad impression. So to help you narrow down your selection, today we came with one of the best gallery plugins.  It is none other than Modula.

WordPress gallery plugin modula

Modula, one of the excellent and user-friendly gallery plugins has a wide range of flexibility. With the use of Modula plugin, you can build a stunning lightbox gallery. The image gallery is a highlight of every website, so it should be perfect and elegant. Modula is built up with various outstanding features which will responsible for an amazing gallery. It is well for adding custom, unique and responsive galleries to your website.

This gallery plugin is available in both free and premium version and both have amazing features. Now it is very easy to launch your first gallery in a second. While creating a gallery, you just have to declare its name and sizes and upload the photos. Modula will take care of all other hard works for creating a gorgeous custom grid gallery. Likewise, Modula is awesome in case of the portfolio, you will love its creation and filter functionality.

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Main Features

  • Filterable categories for galleries
  • Unlimited galleries
  • 12 different hover effect
  • 6 different types of lightbox galleries
  • Built-in social sharing buttons
  • Detailed control over margins and another stylish effect
  • Ability to design custom grids
  • Freely resizes images within the gallery container
  • Ability to add image-entry animation
  • Premium Modula video extension available to add video to your gallery
  • Develop with creative nature
  • Resize your images and set the aspect ratio

For more information about Modula, go through some of its features in details. With this, you will be more familiar with this awesome plugin.

12 Built-in Hover Effect

WordPress gallery plugin

Modula is built up with 12 amazing hover effect which is one of the best factors for engaging your audience in a simple way. All these 12 effects have their own unique identity. They can be used with social icons, title, short description and form a unique gallery. Hover effects are built up with the use of modern techniques like CSS3 animations. The list of 12 hover effects are listed below:

  • Appear
  • Cantinelle
  • Comodo
  • Crafty
  • Curtain
  • Fluid Up
  • Hide
  • Lens
  • Pufrobo
  • Quite
  • Reflex
  • Seems

6 Lightbox Styles

The 6 Lightbox galleries styles of Modula smoothly integrated with your galleries. As Modula offers you 6 options for your website, you can choose the right one suitable for your gallery. 6 Lightbox Styles are given below:

  • FancyBox
  • LightGallery
  • LightBox
  • Magnific Popup
  • PrettyPhoto
  • SwipeBox

Upload by Drag and Drop

Drag and Drop feature for uploading an image will help you to create your gallery very faster than ever.  Now you can add your photos directly to your gallery without any copy paste or download process. Hence it is very efficient for beginners who are unfamiliar with the uploading method.

Outstanding Support

Likewise, you will get outstanding support from the dedicated team in case you are facing any trouble while dealing with these Modula plugins. They make sure none of your queries will remain unanswered.

Shuffle and Image Loaded Effect

You can create a gallery with a fresh and new look with this shuffle effect. Every time you load an image, you can see a new shuffled gallery. With image loaded effect, you can apply a beautiful effect to the loaded image which will bring out the best of your gallery. Some of the built-in effects are; slide horizontally/vertically, rotate or scale. You may think, “will affect slow down the page speed or not?” And the answer is NO. It does not affect your page speed.  You can still load images quickly and smoothly

Faster Speed

Every user, as well as owners, want their website to run fast. Isn’t it? You have to maintain the speed of your website. If it runs slowly them user feel irritated while using it and may leave it. So you have to make your website with the best gallery and fast speed. This is only possible with the use of Modula plugin. It helps you in creating an awesome gallery with various attracting effect and similarly maintain the speed of the website.

What is Modula WordPress gallery plugin good for?

Art demo

Modula will help to demonstrate your art and creative work in a beautiful manner. Due to its wide range of flexibility, you can customize your gallery by applying amazing artwork.

Food Blog

With its creative galleries, your meal reflects how much it is delicious. So it is considered a perfect plugin for your food blog and restaurant website.


Modula helps to highlight the detail of your website and give an outstanding framework. It arranges your photos in a grid format and adds its short description.

Photography Portfolio

Modula has the ability to showcase your photography portfolio in a creative way by adding captions, hover effects, lightbox and so on.

Similarly, Modula will be your perfect choice if you are about to make a food gallery, pets gallery, travel gallery, wedding gallery and so on.

I think you will do with your queries after going through these features. So download and install this stunning plugin for your website gallery. Now coming towards its functionality, after the installation process, you can dive straight into the Modula tab. Here is a list of few steps regarding the gallery creation.

  • Create your gallery in Modula
  • Add your gallery images
  • Customize your gallery
  • Add filters for image sorting
  • Publish your gallery

Final Thoughts

Hence, if you want a perfect plugin for your website and want to create a stunning gallery them Modula is the best option for you. It will present your gallery in a stylish way. If you are beginners it will give you a memorable impression and furthermore, it gives you more credibility as a professional. Modula has great interface features, and customization capabilities, as a result, you will get a fully functional, slick-looking galleries.

Likewise, you can add multiple galleries to a single page as Modula is shortcode based plugin. It is perfect for both beginners as well as the seasoned developer. Whether you just want to develop a single photo or dig into custom margins and borders for every single gallery, Modula is the best option for you.

So without any doubt in your mind, use this plugin to a great experience and to create an elegant gallery. In case of any confusion feel free to comment us. We heartily accept all the queries and try to solve it as soon as possible. Be connected with us for further more upcoming plugins.