Importance of support for your online business. Kinds of support channels you can handle for your online business.

Support is one of the great factors which impacts your business directly. According to research, 83% of online customer need support to complete a purchase. So, Support is very much important for your online businesses.

Customer who visit your website to purchase the items, they may face various confusion and in dilemma to buy it. If you are not there to address their questions in time, you may lose your genuine customer.

Running a successful online business is truly depend upon customer support. You can use some fast and easy customer support methods to convert your visitor to your customer. There are thousands of similar online store which sell similar products as you. Due to that, your customer will look for alternatives where he/she get a fast response or dedicated support. Therefore, your website needs to provide support where your visitor need it.

Some possible reason why visitor need instant support before making the purchase

Your website visitor is not the only visitor, they are your possible customer. They visit your website to purchase the items. They have to pay some amount (either high or low), to get any items or services from you. Hence, they want to confirm the product first. Some visitor also checks how the support is before making a purchase. They just ask a question and analysis the support.

Well, what are the possible reasons, let’s elaborate on some of them.

  • If your product description is not well enough for the product. The visitor wants to confirm that the product, services or plans have any more things or not.
  • In case of physical items, they may ask for shipping cost, time and security about the products. While they are looking for digital products, they want to know how to use, install or similar things.
  • Difficult while looking at the items they really need for. In the case of WordPress theme shop, they may ask for Magazine theme, if your website has lots of product and hard to navigate all the items.
  • Some visitor may face problem will registration and login. In this case, they need instant support.
  • Payment problem on the checkout page. They may not have a payment method which your website support.
  • They may purchase another product by mistake and want to buy another product and need an instant refund or proper solution in that case.
  • If your FAQ section has limited questions and answers.
  • Before making a purchase, some visitor needs some discount and deals. They want to confirm is there any offer or not.

Besides this, there are so many difficulties your website visitor will face. For that case, you need instant and dedicated support.

Once, our website was down for some minutes. Customer emailed us about the problem, we solved the problem immediately. Due to that, we didn’t lose any customer. So, sometimes visitor mark our faults and problem as well.

To get the best customer feedback and to increase the sales, you need to solve the above-listed problem with any of the possible medium.

  • Describe your products or services properly with video and images. Your customer easily knows about it.
  • Mentioned shipping cost, it’s time and security about the product. In the case of digital products, mentioned the license properly.
  • Make a secure payment method and integrate as much as a possible payment system.
  • Regularly update your FAQ.
  • Implement live chat support, email support, phone support and any other possible support medium like social media.

More than 30% visitor want immediate support and about 40% visitor to want responses within 5 minutes. It means, we need to provide instant support. Some possible method for instant support is,

Phone Support

This is one of the trusted and best methods of support. The visitor will get your phone number, skype id or any other phone call method to reach up to. They are asking their confusion and will get an instant solution as well. Due to the phone support, your customer feels how genuine you are and how responsible your support is.

Sometimes phone support may cause a problem if your language of communication is different. In such case, you can go with live chat support. You can use language translation method to understand each other.

Live chat support

About more than 90% visitor love live chat support. Integrate live chat system on your website so that visitor can ask queries directly from your website. There are various free and paid live chat support methods and you can easily integrate it on your website.

Email Support

Another method of support is email. You need to provide contact us page or email address on your website so that visitor can contact you via email. It is highly recommended to reply to the email within 24 hours. As much as fast you get back to your visitor, the chances of increase sell will high.

Social Media

Nowadays, social media is also one of the best methods to give the best support to the customer. The visitor can sell their queries on social media and you can reply to them there. Besides this, you can make a group or discussion forum so that the common queries will address them easily.

Support Forum

Put a section for the support forum so that any queries related your products or services can put there. You can reply or any visitor faced same problem previously will answer there. In addition, this will be one FAQ section as well.

According to a recent report by Zendesk:

The analysis of support interactions across the globe found that:

  • 91% of customers are satisfied with the service provided via phone
  • 95% of customers are satisfied with the service provider via live chat
  • 82% of customers are satisfied with the service provider via email
  • 81% of customers are satisfied with the service provider via Twitter
  • 74% of customers are satisfied with the service provider via Facebook


Don’t think which support method I need to integrate or use. It is highly recommended that try all the above support technique. If you miss any of the above listed one, you may lose your customer. You never know which support technique your visitor prefer.

Do you have any best and another additional method for the support? Do you have any trusted method and successfully implemented of the support? Please write your comment below. That method may be helpful for our visitors as well.

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