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Payment Schedule

Payment Schedule

The payment schedule can also be linked to achievement or fulfillment of certain predefined tasks.
The one who sales the products through Template Sell will get their payments on 15th of every months for the previous month.
The payment disbursement month’s revenue is not counted while paying.
The revenue as a fraud prevention measure is hold for 15 days i.e the January revenue is paid on February 15th.

Minimum Payment Blance

Seller’s account balance must reach to the minimum amount(i.e $50) in certain month otherwise the balance will be forwarded to the next payment schedule.
Payment is calculated till the last date of eligible calendar month.
Sellers can check the available balance on their account.

Payment Methods

Payments will be done as per the method defined by the seller among PayPal Bank account.
If you do not have one of the payment method linked. You can suggest for the next payment method.

Refund Policy

If transaction charge will be included in refund then the concerned seller is required to pay that fee.
If seller’s does not have sufficient balance to meet the refund payment, there will be negative balance in their account which will be adjusted from item sales revenues.

Proper Information

The seller must provide the correct information in order to withdraw their revenue from Template Sell.
The payment information must be convenient ways as provided the option of payment methods.