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Product Details

Quality Construction is free and elegant WordPress Theme with an attractive and modern design. This theme is easy to use and responsive theme with colorful design and stunning flexibility. This theme is capable of tackling the overall needs of all construction websites including business and others. Check this awesome Free WordPress Template now and start developing your WordPress website.

Quality Construction can also be used for business and corporate websites. The advanced theme options and available various widgets with drag and drop features will help to customize your site as you need. If you are looking for a highly crafted template, Quality Construction will be the best choice for you.

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Change Log

## 0.0.9 - July 03 2017 ##
* Fixed Sidebar Tree  Listing CSS Problem
* Mobile view : WooCommerce btn cannot click issue fixed

## 0.0.8 - May 17 2017 ##
* Fixed sidebar issue on post details page.
* Add primary color on menu active and hover as well as on anchor link.
* Add Hide/Show Breadcrumbs on Home Page.
* Add Header Image 

## 0.0.7 - April 28 2017 ##
* Updated Theme URI and Author URI.

## 0.0.6 - April 25 2017 ##
* Fixed GPL Version Licensed issue.
* Fixed post_class() issue.
* FIxed sanitize issue.

## 0.0.5 - April 22 2017 ##
* Fixed our work isotope issue.
* fixed miner design issue.

## 0.0.4 - April 21 2017 ##
* Fixed sanitize and escaping Issues.
* Add css and js on specific page in dashboard.
* remove multiple used of get_theme_mod and used fucntion for that.
* Fixed all the issues from reviewer.

## 0.0.3 - April 11 2017 ##
* Apply widget_title filter in Widget.
* Add Prefix on function.

## 0.0.2 - April 09 2017 ##
* Change customizer to widget
* Change screenshot
* fixed design issue
* Add WooCommerce

## 0.0.1 - March 02 2017 ##
* Submitted to WordPress

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