Product Details

Master Addons comes with huge customization possibilities for Elementor users. There are some unique elements and extension which will help anyone to create a perfect landing page. For the developer, we have included Custom CSS extension. Custom CSS always necessary to create something out of the box.

Currently, it has a total of 30+ elements that can help you build a prettier website. We recommend you to enable a specific element for your needs. It will decrease your website loading time.

Each and every element has huge customization possibilities. You are free to change any color, typography, border, margin, padding for every element. Make sure you have installed Elementor Page builder plugin before working with the plugin.

Elements available:

  1. MA Animated Headlines
  2. MA Call to Action
  3. MA Dual Heading
  4. MA Advanced Accordion
  5. MA Tabs
  6. MA Tooltips
  7. MA Progressbar
  8. MA Progressbars
  9. MA Flip Box
  10. MA Info Box
  11. MA Team Members
  12. MA Team Members Slider
  13. MA Creative Buttons
  14. MA Changelog
  15. MA Creative Links
  16. MA Image Hover Effects
  17. MA Blog
  18. MA News Ticker
  19. MA Business Hours
  20. MA Table of Contents
  21. MA Changelog
  22. MA Timeline
  23. MA Image Hotspot
  24. MA Image Filterable Gallery
  25. MA Image Carousel
  26. MA Image Hotspots
  27. Contact Form 7
  28. Ninja Forms
  29. WP Forms
  30. Gravity Forms
  31. Caldera Forms
  32. weForms
  33. Particles Background
  34. MA Animated Gradient Background
  35. MA Background Slider

Installation Guide:

WordPress Dashboard Method:

Login to your website dashboard and navigate to Plugins> Add new.
Upload the “” file.
After installation finished just activate the plugin.

FTP method:

Unzip the main “” file.
Upload this folder into your wp-content>plugins folder.
Now login to your Website Dashboard and activate the plugin.

Change Log

== Changelog ==
 = 1.1.7 (01-11-2019) =
 * Fixed: MA Image Hotspot Tooltip issue fixed

 = 1.1.6 (29-10-2019) =
 * Added: MA Image Hotspot Added
 * Fixed: MA Image Hover effect css issue fixed
 * Fixed: Ma Flipbox hover effect issue fixed

 = 1.1.5 (22-10-2019) =
 * Fixed: Image Hover Effects Conditions fixed. Title, Social Links, Descriptions conditionally show issue fixed with

 = 1.1.4 (15-10-2019) =
 * Tweak: Team Slider Content Drawer conflicting with Slick Slider issue resolved.
 * Added: Team Slider Added Background Image Position Left, Top for proper adjustment.
 * Added: Team Slider Added Team Member Image Position Left, Top for proper adjustment.
 * Tweak: Fixed Animation SVG not showing issue.
 * Updated: Updated 6 Circle Gradient Layout styles for Team Slider Background
 * Added: Rounded Style Team Members Added
 * Fixed: Dashboard Extensions, Addons tabs error fixed.
 * Added: Image Size, Background Image size added on Team Slider Image
 * Added: Dual Heading Icon fixed
 * Added: MA Accordion Single Item class error fixed
 * Added: Added Icon Border Color on MA Flipbox
 * Added: "MA" icon added on Widgets top right corner
 * Fixed: MA Infobox - Title and Description hover color issue fixed
 * Added: "MA" top right corner icon added for easy identical. MA Icon css issue fixed
 * Fixed: MA Creative Button style issues fixed - Winona, Tamaya, Rayen, Isi, Saqui, Nina, Nanuk, Itzel, Naira, Sacnite
 buttons etc.
 * Added: Missing Bootstrap css file added.
 * Added: MA Infobox- Icon Color, Icon Background, Icon Hover Color and Icon Hover Background Color option added
 * Tweak: MA Creative Button Box Shadow on Hover issue fixed
 * Fixed: MA Team Carousel Image not showing problem fixed
 * Added: MA Team Carousel and MA Team Members Content Alignment feature added
 * Added: Added Border for MA Team Carousel Navigation items
 * Added: 3d Flipbox Added on MA Flipbox
 * Added: Added Image Hover Effects and Style issues fixed.
 * Added: MA Blog Element Addons with huge Customizations Options.
 * Added: MA News Ticker Addon, you can do any kind of variations by yourself
 * Added: MA Business Hours - bunch of Customizations and Layout Variations
 * Added: MA Table of Contents - Must have Addon for Content Creators. Unlimited variations for Table of Contents.

 = 1.1.3 (10-09-2019) =
 * Fixed: Icons Color Changed "Normal" and "Hover" Options given on MA Dual Headlines
 * Fixed: Creative Button Saqui Transform style fixed

 = 1.1.2 (06-09-2019) =
 * Fixed: MA Team Members Carousel JS issue fixed
 * Fixed: MA Changelog h2 tag overlap issue fixed
 * Removed: MA Flipbox Duplicate Background removed
 * Removed: MA Flipbox Front Box Title, Description color Removed.
 * Fixed: MA Team Carousel Gridder offset problem fixed
 * Fixed: Call to Action Variations Added, Gradient, Background Image, Typography added
 * Updated: Master Addons Admin Page re-factored. Minimal Designed, Compressed Addons spacing for better visuals.
 * Removed: Master Addons Admin page - "How to" section with Demo links. Removed all Images from source folder for
 decreasing Plugin size. Reduced 12MB to 4MB. All Images will be loaded from Master Addons website.
 * Updated: Flipbox Background Color Updated
 * Added: Team Slider - Item Spacing for all team member options, Gridder spacing, Gridder Background Color and
 Designation Color option Added.
 * Team Members
 * Added: MA Flipbox Front Text and Back Text Alignment
 * Added: Nested Tabs feature added for MA Tabs.
 * Updated: Re-factored MA Tabs Codes
 * Added: Multicolor Accordion Title and Content Color Option given
 * Added: Social Icon Color Change Option for "Normal" and "Hover" tab Option added on MA Team Carousel
 * Updated: Dashboard News widget and Blog Updates Feed Link changed to Master Addons Website. Logo Icon Placed for
 more visual appeal.
 * Added: Dashboard Master Addons News RSS feed Opens New Window.
 * Updated: Dashboard Addons, Extensions seperated. Pro Features blocked with Popup Sweetalert.
 * Added: Blocked Pro Version Ribbons, popup opens with Pro Version Pricing Links.

 * Added: Multicolor Accordion Title and Content Color Option given

 = 1.1.1 (30-08-2019) =
 * Fixed: MA Headlines renamed MA Animated Headlines.
 * Fixed: Accordion Design Presets styles done.
 * Added: Accordion Items can be designed individually. Every item can be set different background color, text color etc.
 * Added: Nested Accordion feature added
 * Removed: Image and Video feature removed from Accordions
 * Fixed: Animated Gradient Background color issue fixed. Overlay color set issue also fixed.
 * Fixed: Background Image Slider for sections issue fixed.
 * Fixed: MA Animated Headlines page flipping issue fixed. Updated scripts and styles.
 * Added: Nine Style Presets added for MA Animated Headlines.
 * Fixed: Icon not showing issue on Dual Heading fixed.
 * Fixed: Added "Heading HTML Tags" Options on Dual Heading Elements. Fixed - Typography, Color and Background issue for
  First Design Preset.
 * Fixed: Particles not showing, Animated Gradient Background not working, Background Slider Image resize issues fixed
 * Added: "Master Addons Widget Badge" added on Particles, Animated Gradient Background, Background Slider.
 * Fixed: Caldera Form error and Styles.
 * Fixed: Infobox 10 Design Style Presets fixed.
 * Added: Infobox gradient Color Style changer
 * Removed: Custom Title and Description removed from Ninja Form
 * Fixed: Ninja Form Label and Placeholder switcher and css fixings.
 * Fixed: Dual Heading icon spacing issue fixed
 * Added: HTML Tags added on Dual heading icon spacing issue fixed
 * Fixed: MA Cards Image Alt content now showing fixed
 * Added: Flipbox- Default, Image, Diagnoal style variations added
 * Added: New Addon Element added "Creative Links"
 * Removed: Font Awesome 4, Font Awesome 5, Animate.css, wow.js removed from plugin. All are available on Elementor Core
 * Added: Affiliation Added for any Plugin Users. Starting from 50% flat commissions for all Affiliates.

 = 1.1.0 (11-8-2019) =
 * Fixed: Admin Notice not showing issue on Master Addons issue fixed
 * Fixed: Plugin uri changed to Master Addons website
 * Fixed: Contact Forms Style issues fixed
 * Fixed: Accordion Style issues fixed, conflicting JS issue fixed
 * Fixed: Team Member and Team Member Slider style issue fixed

 = 1.0.9 (2-8-2019) =
 * Fixed: Freemius SDK Live Update problem. It's fixed now.
 * Updated: Team Section Full Size Image Replaced with backend Image size.
 * Updated: Carousel Team Slider Updated fixed Image Size to backend Image size by user Inputs
 * Updated: Forms Styles and other style issues

 = 1.0.8 (25-7-2019) =

 = 1.0.7 (24-7-2019) =

    * Added: Added Pricing Table for premium version
   * Fixed: MA Creative Buttons Styles separated and tested Free and Pro Version
   * Fixed: Gravity Forms blocked Free and Premium Versions

 = 1.0.6 (6-7-2019) =
 * Fixed: Markdown Library Error - Plugin activation Error “The plugin does not have a valid header” fixed
 * Added: Contact Form 7, Ninja Forms, Gravity Forms, WPForms, Caldera Forms, weForms added
 * Updated: 12 Style Presets added for Contact Form 7
 * Update: Schedule Plugin Check

 = 1.0.5 (4-7-2019) =
 * Fixed: Plugin activation Error “The plugin does not have a valid header” fixed
 * Update: Version bump

 = 1.0.4 (3-7-2019) =
 * Added: Freemius SDK for Master Addons for Elementor
 * Added: Call to Action Element/Widget
 * Added: Call to Action Progressbars Element
 * Fixed: Addons Tabs Style fixed
 * Fixed: Move Master Addons Main menu from Sub Menu
 * Fixed: Menu Position Changed just under "Elementor" and "Templates" Menu
 * Added: Info Service Icons
 * Fixed: BG Slider swiper.min.css file not found issue
 * Fixed: Creative Links Conflict with website Nav Class/ID's
 * Fixed: Admin Docs content typo fixed
 * Fixed: Script not working issue fixed- progressbars, tabs, accordion, team slider was not working. Fixed the issue.
 * Fixed: Countdown Script issue fixed
 * Fixed: Progressbar, Piechart, Progressbars, Team Slider, Counterup, Countdown, Custom waypoint Script issue fixed
 * Fixed: Dashboard Settings not working issue fixed
 * Updated: Master Addons Class CSS and JS files re-arranged with wp_register_style and wp_register_script methods

 = 1.0.3 (26-6-2019) =
 * Fixed: Ninja Forms not found issue fixed
 * Added: Added Dashboard News feed for Master Addons
 * Fixed: Cleanup Unnecessary Codes
 * Fixed: Free and Pro Creative Buttons CSS fixed
 * Fixed: Dependencies and Checked Free and Pro Version Apply Filter.
 * Added: Ninja Forms Added with unlimited customization possibilities
 * Added: Caldera Forms Added
 * Added: WP Forms Added
 * Added: weForms Added
 * Added: Call to Action Elementor Element / Widget added
 * Added: Creative Buttons Added
 * Added: Section Particles Added: BG Slider, Animated Background etc

 = 1.0.2 (24-6-2019) =
 * Fixed: Advanced Accordion JS issue fixed
 * Fixed: Animated Heading CSS issue fixed

 = 1.0.1 =
 * Version Bump

 = 1.0.0 (17-6-2019)=
 * Initial Release

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