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WordPress is a leading content management system and powered more than 60% of websites. Because of its flexibility and features, it is best CMS to develop any types of website like event management, e-commerce, corporate, business, blog, and portfolios. There are millions of free and premium plugins available to enhance the features of your website. Among the various free WordPress plugins, here we are going to showcase you one awesome WordPress event management plugin named WP Event Manager.

WP Event Manager is easy to use and features rich WordPress event management plugin. In this blog post, we will share you how to get benefits by using this free plugin and how to make an incredibly powerful event management website.

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Social media like Facebook provides you an easy option to create an event. However, there was no option to create and manage the event on a website. To overcome this problem, the team of WP Event Manager came with meticulously developed free WordPress event management plugin.

If you are going to refurbish your existing site to an event management site or want to build a new site, you can go with this plugin. It is a really incredible theme and perfect for your requirements.

Features of WordPress Event Management Plugin WP Event Manager

Among the various elegantly developed features, here are some of them listed below.

  • Easy to use
  • Search and filter
  • Frontend forms
  • Developer friendly
  • Cross-browser compatible
  • SEO friendly
  • Preview event option
  • Event widgets

Besides this, WP Event Manager is lightweight, responsive and regularly updated WordPress plugin. Some added features are,

  • Event submission available – Different event organizers can submit and promote their events through your website.
  • Incredible event dashboard – Event organizer can manage their event in an attractive way.
  • 5-star ratings – Users are very much satisfied with this plugin
  • Featured on popular websites and blog – Becuase of plugin strength, it is featured on popular blogs.

In addition to that, there are ample of features available on this plugin. You can download this plugin now and start using on your website. It comes with built-in shortcodes and custom post type.

An Introduction to WP Event Manager?

WP Event Manager is a WordPress plugin which helps to turn your WordPress website into event management portals. It is very easy to make stunning event listing website with full-fledged features on it. With just a few clicks, it allows you to add events on your site.

You can start a WordPress website and can make awesome event portal website for free. There is various event portal website, however, they are lacking the features. Hence, with this plugin, you will get all the necessary requirements while creating the event. It includes event date, location, time, map, search and many more.

How to install and use WP Event Manager?

Installing and using this plugin is very easy. Like other plugins, you can install and activate it. Here are the steps,

  • Go to the admin dashboard of WordPress
  • From Plugins go to Add New
  • Search the Plugin WP Event Manager
  • Click on Install and then Activate
  • After activation, you will get a new menu to manage the event in the dashboard.

You can check the below video to know more about the installation procedure. Hope it will work for you.

How to create an event using WP Event Manager?

Well, in the above chapter we studied about how to install the plugin. Now, we are going to show you how to start making an event on your WordPress website.

WordPress Event Management Plugin

First Step

In this step, you need to install and activate the plugin. After the activation, you will see the setup wizard of the plugin. If you are new with this plugin, we recommend you to go with that, hence, you will get more idea about the plugin features and use. Click on continue to page setup button as shown in the screenshot.

Second Step

In the next step, you will get the option to create the required pages. You can customize the page title based on your need. In the right-hand side of that page, you will get the shortcode. Paste that shortcode on the required page. We will discuss more it later below. Click on create selected pages for the further setup.

WordPress Event Management Plugin

Now, the setup has been completed. In another step, you can start creating your event. Isn’t the setup is easy?

After the setup completed, you will get some links to customize the plugins via it’s setting. You will have,

  • Tweak the plugin settings
  • Add an event via the back-end
  • Add an event via the front-end
  • View submitted event listings
  • View the event dashboard

WordPress Event Management Plugin

In the beginning, we recommend you to check the plugin settings.

Event Listing Settings

Now, this plugin offers a plethora of settings to customize your event. Furthermore, the premium add-ons are also available with more settings. In this blog, we are going to cover some useful and major settings.

WordPress Event Management Plugin

From the Event Listings menu of the admin panel, to go Settings. Here, you will get tabs for settings at the top. You can see the below screenshot as well. Check all the available settings and customize it based on your requirements.

Note: If you are using google map, you can create an API key from Google Maps API developer site.

How to add a new event?

Finally, now we are going to create the first event using the WP Event Manager plugin.  Follow the below steps,

  • Go to the admin dashboard
  • From the admin panel go to Event Listings
  • Click on Add New
  • Enter the title of the event
  • Write the description of the event in the content section
  • In the Event Data section, fill all the required and necessary things.

WordPress Event Management Plugin

In this section, you can add, organization name, organizer description, venue name, organization email and many more. Besides that, available options are a website, address, location, social media link and many more. You can set the organizer logo from the right-hand side of the page.

WP Event Manager WordPress event management has 3 different shortcodes that you can add it on the pages or post. With this reason, this plugin is compatible with any WordPress theme including default WordPress themes and popular themes as well.

Available shortcodes are,

  • [events]
  • [submit_event_form]
  • [event_dashboard]

You can put the shortcodes as shown below.

WordPress Event Management Plugin

Why WP Event Manager is the Best WordPress Event Management Plugins?

There are numbers of reason why WP Event manager is best WordPress Event Management plugin. Among all of them, some best-highlighted key features are listed below.

  • It is totally free. You will get free support and updates a well. For dedicated support and added features, you can buy the premium extensions.
  • AJAXified calendar, so it has smooth browsing in the front end.
  • Responsive in design and support by all major and popular browsers.
  • Lightweight and easy to use.
  • All types of add-ons available for event websites.

Furthermore, it has front end submission features, easy user interface, detailed text, and video documentation and many more. No wonder about the problem, they have a dedicated support team to help you instantly.

Available Add-ons

With the combination of free and premium add-ons, it has endless possibility to create an event. Thus, you will have great satisfaction while using this plugin. All the free add-ons are integrated on the theme. You will get all of them while downloading the plugin.

Premium Add-ons

Until today date there are 23 premium add-ons available for best event management plugin WP Event Manager. You can purchase any of the required add-ons. They are currently offering a huge discount if you buy all the add-ons at once.

Available premium extensions are,

  • Calendar – It indicates and provides information about the upcoming events in an attractive layout.
  • Google Map – With the help of map extension, you can easily add the google map on your event.
  • Registration – Nowadays, event organizer always want registration while attending the event. For this case, you can use it. No google docs or other registration is needed.
  • Sell Tickets – With WooCommerce integration, you can see the tickets of the event as well.
  • Attendee Information – Help to provide the information of all the registered attendees.
  • Recurring Events – Help to create similar events easily.

Moreover, other premium extensions are, WooCommerce paid listing, event alerts, bookmarks, embeddable event widget, colors, slider, event tags, Eventbrite integration, organizers, contact organizers, export events, iCal, google re-captcha, google analytics, emails and event logs.

Are you looking for more information and setup ideas? Please follow the detailed video and documentation about the plugin.


To conclude, we got lots of questions about the compatibility of our themes with this plugin. Hence, we would like to say that, all our themes are compatible with this WP Event Manager plugin. If you have any problem while using this plugin with any of our themes, please drop your comment below, we will provide you the best and easy solution.

Among the various other available plugins, we would like to recommend this WP Event Manager because of its flexibility, features and easy to use settings. Whenever you face any problem with the plugin, you can contact the author directly for the support.

Create your own event management website today!

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