What are WordPress Categories and Tags? How to use, add, delete and edit them?

Tags of WordPress is similar to social media hashtags like on twitter, facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram. Tags and categories of WordPress are predefined taxonomy. Users can easily add, delete and edit them while writing the post. WordPress categories and tags are very helpful to categorize your post. Generally, every post may contain multiple tags and categories. The visitors can click on a tag or category to find similar posts assigned on that tag or category.

While writing the post, it is mandatory to select the category whereas tag is optional. When the author missed selecting the category, the default Uncategorized category will be selected automatically. You can change the default category from Setting > Writing from the admin panel. See the below screenshot to know how to change the default category.


WordPress categories and Tags

The WordPress category covers the wide range of post, however, tags cover the narrow range of that specific category. Tags are somehow similar to the keywords used in the posts. Categories and Tags offer the great opportunity for engagement and traffic on your site by helping visitors to find the similar or related post. It is an easy method for the visitor to look for the similar and interesting topics.

Here in Template Sell blog site, we have Free WordPress Themes, Website Review, Coupon and Deals etc categories. There are numbers of tags used on each post like e-commerce, magazine, news, coupon etc.

Generally, one post has many tags but only one or two categories.

WordPress Categories and Tags: What’s The Difference?

  • Each WordPress post needs a category, while tags are optional.
  • The user needs to select the category, if missed, the post will be automatically filed in the default category. But in the case of Tags, users need to add the required tags and there is no any default tag.
  • Categories are hierarchical, while tags are not. Basically, this means that you can have a parent category with child subcategories.
  • Categories should be broad topics that apply to many different posts, tags are usually more specific and unique to the actual content in that post.

How to add, edit and delete categories in WordPress?

Creating, editing and deleting categories in WordPress is easy. You can add while writing the post or create first before writing. Do not get confused, only WordPress post has the category, not in the page.

On the right side of the content writing section on the post, you will see the various section. Including all, there is Categories section. Before publishing the post, you need to select the categories. If the required category is not there, you can click on Add New Category. Click here and write the required category name and click on Add New Category.

Moreover, there is another method to add categories. Go to Posts > Categories of the admin panel. Write the name of the categories and click on Add New Category.

WordPress Categories and Tags NewCategory

In addition, you can add, edit and delete the categories from the same section above. Again, go to the admin panel and then posts and categories. On the right side, you will see the lists of categories. Hover on the category which you want to edit or delete. Options will be enabled to edit and delete. Now, you can simply take the action.

WordPress Categories and Tags

How to add, edit and delete tags in WordPress?

While writing the post, you can see the option to add Tags on the right side just below the categories section. Write the name of tags and click on Add button to add the tags on WordPress. While writing the tags name, already added tags will appear as suggestions as well. Furthermore, you can choose tags from the most used tags as well.

WordPress Categories and Tags

Similar to the category, you can add the tag from the Posts > Tags section of the admin panel. Go to Post and Tags and write the name of the tag and click on Add New Tag. The newly added tag will appear on the right section.

Furthermore, it is simple to delete or edit tags. It is similar to the category.

WordPress Categories and Tags


Both categories and tags are very important to organize your website content. It is recommended to use proper categories and tags so that visitor will navigate on your site easily. Furthermore, never add unwanted categories and tags. Add both of them while necessary. Empty categories and tags are bad for SEO.

How do you manage your WordPress categories and tags? Please write your comments in the below comment section. The visitor may love your approach and follow them as well.

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