Why Template Sell is the best Marketplace for WordPress Themes and HTML Templates?

There is a plethora of Marketplace for WordPress themes and HTML templates. Among all the available marketplaces, you will always look for the best among them, to purchase items either to sell your products. Hence, today, I am going to share you about why Template Sell is the best marketplace for WordPress themes and HTML templates.

As we know that Theme Forest is the biggest marketplace for WordPress themes, HTML templates and lots of other digital products like images and audios. However, there are lots of WordPress developers and users, who are really dissatisfied with Theme Forest. They have their own reason.

Besides that, there are some other marketplaces as well, and they have both pros and corns. Theme Forest is biggest among all the marketplaces, indeed, they have to face much criticism.

In this blog post, I am not going to criticize any other shops and marketplaces, but I will try to share why Template Sell is best among others. In addition to that, I will share the benefits of selling items from Template Sell.

At first, why Template Sell?

Here are some few bullet points to answer the above questions,

  • Available Free and Premium WordPress Themes and HTML Templates
  • Niche-based and multipurpose items are available here
  • GPL Themes and Templates – You can resell and redistribute
  • Easy to use lightweight products
  • Regularly updated items and dedicated supports
  • Almost all vendors are Trusted author of WordPress TRT

You may have the question in mind that, isn’t other marketplaces has these features? Obviously yes, they do have those features. However, features are a part of the theme. There are various other things we need to consider.

What are the things we need to consider while choosing WordPress themes and HTML templates?

  • Secured – While choosing a theme, it must be secured. In this case, code quality matters.
  • Responsive – No matters which devices will use by your visitors
  • Simple and Easy – For the layman, it’s hard to use complex themes. Always look for an easy one.
  • Setup – Many themes are hard to set up and you need to hire the developer for that case. So, why to choose those themes?
  • Flexible – They must be easy to customize. Most marketplaces themes codes are not organized, hence, can’t edit them.
  • Approaches – We need simple approaches to using the theme. The most theme has maximum plugin recommendation, multiple sliders and ultimately the theme will be heavy and the site load time will be high.

I think we are more clear now. Website speed, user satisfaction, and flexibility for admin matters. Because of that, nowadays, clients prefer themes from Template Sell and similar other marketplaces rather than Theme Forest or Mojo Market.

While choosing a theme from Template Sell,  you will get,

  • A simple and lightweight theme, which is easy to use and customize.
  • Organized and secured code, almost all the vendors are trusted on the theme review team.
  • All vendors provide dedicated support, in addition, Template Sell have live chat support as well.
  • Instant setup help and customization help.
  • No extra charge for support and updates.
  • Your products will be GPL and the license will not change later.

Many popular marketplaces frequently change their license from GPL to non-GPL and others. Moreover, they have non-GPL products as well. If you purchase one theme and not update the license next year, you will not able to use it because of the license. Template Sell offers a 100% GPL license for their products.

Why Template Sell is best for Vendors?

Not only for buyers, but this marketplace is also perfect for vendors as well. If you are planning to earn money by selling WordPress themes and HTML templates, start making and start submitting. We have a very good sales commission and payment. 

  • Up to 80% commission on each sale
  • The minimum payment amount is $50
  • Payment via PayPal or Bank( We offer cash for local vendors as well)
  • We have a few refund history
  • In the case of vendor absence, Template Sell will handle the support
  • Products will be reviewed by the experienced reviewers so that you can learn the theme standards
  • Maximum 3 days hold time for the review. (It may take few additional days for the new vendors)
  • Huge traffic and sale

Besides that, there are various reason to choose Template Sell to promote and sell your WordPress products.

Vendors Reviews

In this blog, I would like to quote the feedback from our vendors. Before writing this post, I asked them to provide feedback. They are as follows,

  1. Candid Themes – “Template Sell manage everything, because of that we don’t have any headache to maintain payment and traffic. Their blog also has huge traffic and I am totally satisfied with them. One best thing is, our product GistPro is highest selling WordPress theme in Template Sell. Template Sell is my first choice as a vendor.”
  2. AFthemes – “Heard lots about Template Sell. We are new, but hopefully, we will have a better time here.”
  3. Canyon Themes – “Among all the vendors, we are the highest revenue collecting vendors of TS. We get 80% commission on each sale. We tried on some marketplaces, but the sale was not so good. At last, we are here and having good sales and income. Thank you TS team.”

In Conclusion

While visiting other marketplaces, in the meanwhile, visit Template Sell as well. We generally offer discounts for the clients and more commission for the vendors. So, you need to keep visiting regularly to grab that chance.

Do you have anything special feedback and suggestions? Write your comment below.

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