How to add Skype links to WordPress Website?

Skype has it’s own link format to link with the specific users. A lot of WordPress theme comes with theme option having Skype as a social media and it’s necessary to have a proper link to add skype links to WordPress website.

Link to Skype is different from other social media. You need to put a code format in place of link. Don’t worry, it is simple.

Let’s assume a username of skype, apple123. Follow the below format at the put in place of a link to do the respected action on skype. In addition, you can also add the link on the content section. Like addition other links, you can put the skype link code to do the action.

If you click on that link, your Skype application will open and will do the action automatically. Make sure, your computer or mobile phone have skype application installed.

Different types of Skype links to WordPress

Before move on, you should know the different types of link that you can create for skype. Check the below-listed links,

  • Call: skype:apple123?call
  • Add: skype:apple123?add
  • Chat: skype:apple123?chat
  • View profile: skype:apple123?userinfo
  • Leave a voicemail: skype:apple123?voicemail
  • Send file: skype:apple123?sendfile

Note: apple123 is just a test account. Replace apple123 with your own skype account username. 

How to add a skype link on WordPress content?

Similar to the other links, you can add skype link on the content section as well. Here Call me on skype text is with skype call link. Similarly, you can add links on your content a well.

First, you need to select the content where you want to add the link. See the below screenshot.

Skype links to WordPress 

After that, just put the link of the skype you need there. Six different type of links are listed above, you can use any of the above link types. See the below screenshot for the reference.

Skype links to WordPress 


After adding the link, click on Add Link. Faced problem? Please write your comment in the below comment section, we will guide you with the best possible alternatives and with some easy way.

Furthermore, If your theme has the option to add the skype links on theme options or customizer, you can directly paste the link there. See the below screenshot.

Skype links to WordPress 


Hope this blog post helped you to add the skype link on your WordPress website. Now your visitor can directly call, send voice mail and add you. This will be the best method to connect with your audience.

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