How to Remove the Powered Text in WordPress Footer Links in 2020? [Updated Tips]

Many of our visitors asked us about how to remove the powered by text in WordPress footer links. So, today we are going to discuss the possibility and recommended a way to remove or customize the powered text in the footer section.

Most of the themes of WordPress use the footer section to display powered by text. You can see similar text like “Proudly powered by WordPress | Theme: Penman by Template Sell”.  If you are running a corporate site or developing the site for the clients, generally you want to remove it or customize it.

Most of the Free WordPress themes don’t have options to remove the powered by text in the footer. In that case, this blog post is very helpful to remove it.

If you are wondering about how to remove or edit this, we are here to help you with stepwise instructions.

Let’s proceed,

Enable/Disable Through Customizer

Some of the themes have options to show/hide options for powered text in the footer. But usually, these features is available only on the premium version. If you are using the premium version, usually you can check these options inside Appearance > Customize and you can see some section of Footer Section or similar.
If there are no options to hide or add your own powered by text, you can check the below-mentioned steps.

Easy Solution – Hide that section via custom CSS

One of the easiest methods to hide powered by text is custom CSS. Follow the below-mentioned steps to add custom CSS to your website.

  1. Login to your WordPress dashboard as an Admin
  2. Scroll over ‘Appearance’ and then click on the ‘Customize’ menu
  3. Go to the Additional CSS section of the customizer.
  4. Add the given below CSS codes there.


I Hope, this CSS code will help to hide the powered by text from the footer.

Removing/Editing via footer.php file

One of the best methods to customize powered by text is via footer.php file. WordPress theme has a footer.php file on the theme root folder. You can either customize the foooter.php file and upload that file on the server or you can directly edit via Appearance > Editor.

Follow the below-mentioned steps to edit the footer.php file via the admin panel.

  • Login to your WordPress dashboard as an Admin
  • Scroll over ‘Appearance’ and then click on the ‘Editor’ menu
  • Select the menu which you want to edit from Select theme to edit:  from a top right corner.
  • Click on Theme Footer ( footer.php ) file.
  • Edit the code as shown in the below image.

Powered Text

If you are customizing the twentyseventeen theme, site info is in another template file. Check template-parts/footer/site-info.php of theme file. You will see similar code in the below screenshot.

Powered Text

Instead of customizing the parent theme directly, we recommend you customize the theme with Child Theme. 

Hopefully, this blog article provided you the guidance and some best information about how to remove the powered text footer credit, specifically, “Powered by WordPress” footer link form your site.

Is this article was helpful? Please do share with us your experience with the below comment section. We are very happy to hear from you and we will try to enhance it on our coming blogs.

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