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There are thousands of Free and Premium WordPress Themes. We are often asked by our visitors and beginners about the differences between free and premium WordPress Themes. They usually want to know about Free vs Premium WordPress Themes before developing their website. So, in this blog post, we are going to explore the Pros and Cons of Free vs Premium WordPress Themes.

You can get free WordPress Themes in Template Sell and many other theme shops. WordPress.Org is the best place to get free WordPress Themes. We recommend you to use a free theme from for secure and trusted themes.

Pros of Free WordPress Themes

Free means totally free. You don’t need to pay to use those theme. Some Pros of free themes are as follows,

  • It is totally free but sometimes needs to pay for the updates.
  • Secured because the review process is strict in
  • Fast Loading
  • Easy to use and most of them are built based on live customizer.
  • Limited and very useful features.
  • Regular updates and free support.
  • No content will be lost even if you switch the theme.
  • Free themes are really good if you need limited features.

Cons of Free WordPress Themes

Cons of free or premium WordPress themes can be very subjective. What one person would consider pros, may not be a cause for concern for many others. It depends on the users need.

  • Limited support options and support generally via support team
  • Limited features to customize your webpage.
  • Usually, every free theme has the similar design. But nowadays you can get high-end features even in free theme.
  • Free themes are usually developed for beginners and learners. So, never expect so much flexibility in the free version.

Pros Of Premium WordPress Themes

There are numbers of the marketplace from where you can purchase the premium version. You can purchase blog, magazine, corporate. multipurpose and niche based themes on Template Sell.

  • The main advantage of pro theme features. You will get lots of features to customize the theme.
  • Easy to use and well-managed features available.
  • Typography option, color options, drag and drop section etc options usually get in the premium version.
  • Dedicated support available.
  • Unique design and perfect for the niche-based websites.
  • Support popular plugins.

Cons of Premium WordPress Themes

Cons of Premium WordPress Themes are as follows,

  • Poor code because there is no strict review process.
  • Too many features, some are not useful for you and it decreases the site speed.
  • Content may be lost after the theme switch.

If you are a beginner, we recommend you to check the free version. Sometimes using the premium theme is the complex task for you. If you are familiar with WordPress, you can directly use the premium version. First check demo, documentation and support medium before choosing the premium version.

If you have any more idea about free and pro version of the theme, please drop your comment in the below comment section. We will add them to our list above.


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