10 Essential WordPress Plugins for Content Marketing

When we talk about websites, WordPress is one of the most prevalent choices for blog content marketers and bloggers. Almost every business owner, blogger, and marketer uses it. Over half of all websites using a known CMS or Content Management System (CMS) are powered by WordPress. When considering many advantages of WordPress, it is easy to see why it is so popular:

It is easily customized and changeable by installing new themes to modify the website’s appearance.

  • For most of the users, it is quite easy to use and has a fairly short learning curve.
  • It has a large, generous and truly assisting user community.
  • Lots of WordPress developers are available to help with more complicated tasks.
  • It keeps blog content well-managed and organized.

The biggest reason for its popularity is the plugins available for use by content writers. With the amazing use of WordPress for content marketing, there is a huge range of plugins that are available for prospering content marketing to help your program to administer efficiently and grant superb Return on Investment. Other than this, if there is any requirement to use PSD to WordPress Services the professionals can be contacted.

Let us now go through the 10 best WordPress plugins to create your content marketing a success:

Strive Content Calendar

When it comes to content marketing, publishing frequency is important, and the only way you’ll stay consistent is with a carefully planned publishing schedule. One tool that can help tremendously is the new Strive Content Calendar plugin.

Strive adds a responsive content calendar directly into the WordPress dashboard, so you can see all of your scheduled posts for the month. You can drag and drop posts into new dates to reschedule them and click any post to make small edits from the Quick Edit menu.

In addition to the calendar, Strive includes a handful of other valuable tools for content marketers, such as post statuses, checklists, and revisions for republishing old content.


If there is a need to sell tickets on your website and deliver them to the buyers digitally, Tickera is what you need now. When you make use of the Tickera plugin to sell and send tickets, you are setting up your individual hosted solution wherein you control the profits with no requirement to send a cut to a third party.


Online marketers can download this plugin that is an authenticate boss of all WP plugins for content marketing. For successful content marketing, you can use the Scribe plugin to offer in-depth research, optimization, and connecting to social media to attain more traffic. This is one of the most popular plugins and can be used to attain the best results in a limited time frame.

Editorial Calendar

This amazing plugin makes the scheduling of content marketing programs much laid-back. Being an eminent plugin, you can use it to acquire a general idea of the scheduled posts, editing of the scheduled posts, and drag and drop posts straight away from the calendar. This is one of the finest and using it can promise great results.

Edit Flow

This creates the content marketing workflow more advanced. It has been framed with modular functionality. The modules basically cover a calendar & custom status with the intention that you can describe specific phases in the workflow, and the specific team can offer feedbacks on posts through comments, editorial metadata, notifications, user groups, and story budgets,

My Curator

This is another plugin that delivers helpful, engaging, and trendy content on a regular basis. It also categorized the articles and can filter out the spam as well. It can not send the articles but also adds attribution pictures and links that can be placed in a blog post with a click. For a topic, the users can curate for free, and for other extra topics you have to pay a charge according to the plans.


This plugin is a creative one that lets you produce excellent content along with a flexible user interface. It totally depends on drag and drop operation, and permits you to stir the content speedily and across the web page. The highly recommended plugin can assist in making you go for it at once.

Easy Content Templates

It is ‘easy’ just like its name. With the use of Easy Content Templates, you can describe templates in a simpler way. You can further apply them on the present and new pages and parts as well. The plugin has been downloaded for 16k times only, but it is updated often and is scored as the greatest one.

MailChimp plugins

It is liked because it approaches e-marketing. Many different MailChimp WordPress plugins are accessible, depending on what sort of functionality it is which you are searching for, covering MailChimp Forms by MailMunch, MailChimp for WordPress, Mailchimp List Subscribe Forms and Mailchimp for WordPress. This plugin has attained a place and using it can be really beneficial.

Listly plugin

It can help in lifting your audience to make its contribution to the list posts and also engage in it. They can also add suggestions in the post comments. With the help of Listly, you can do changes in the comments, and it also helps you generate new and fresh content for the website that will lift up your SEO as well. It has more than 13k downloads and is updated at a regular basis, making use of this plugin can be really helpful in attaining the best results for your website.


It is used by thousands of SEO experts, SEMRush is one of the finest SEO tools on the market. It lets you gather analytics and competitor insights to help improve your own SEO. You can learn about the competitor’s highest organic keywords, how they attain backlinks, their advertising plans and more. It also assists in monitoring the keywords, tons of useful data, finding out keywords that you can rank for, and backlinks to enhance your content strategy.

Wrapping Up

We hope the article helped you in finding the most important WordPress plugins for content marketing. Making use of these plugins can help you in gaining the best results in a limited time span. With the stiff competition rising high, the requirement of such plugins can prove to be beneficial.

They are crafted in a better way to assist bloggers, online marketers, and business owners to make use of their content strategy better. There is no denying in the fact that these plugins can ensure better working of the website. Other than this, if there is anything that seems confusing, fetching professional help can certainly help.

So, make use of them and see the difference in the performance!

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