How to earn money from the blog – Five main ways of making money

The blog is not only the platform to share knowledge, experience, and feeling. You can also earn money from the Blog. In the initial days, the blog website was developed to write and share personal feeling and thoughts however it is commercialized nowadays.

If you are looking for some best tips to know how to earn money from the blog, here I am going to show and describe how we can earn money from the blog easily.

WordPress is one of the trusted platforms for the blog. So, if you want to Start a Blog, it is highly recommended to go with WordPress. WordPress has lots of exciting features for the blog.

Importance of support for your online business. Kinds of support channels you can handle for your online business.

Support is one of the great factors which impacts your business directly. According to research, 83% of online customer need support to complete a purchase. So, Support is very much important for your online businesses. Customer who visit your website to purchase the items, they may face various confusion and

How to Remove the Powered Text in WordPress Footer Links in 2020? [Updated Tips]

Most of the themes of WordPress use footer section to display powered by text. You can see similar text like “Proudly powered by WordPress | Theme: Penman by Template Sell”.  If you are running corporate site or developing the site for the clients, generally you want to remove it or customize it.

Most of the Free WordPress themes don’t have options to remove the powered by text in the footer. In that case, this blog post is very helpful to remove it.

If you are wondering about how to remove or edit this, we are here to help you with stepwise instructions.